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Used Cooking Oil Collection from EnviroTek USA

At EnviroTek USA, Inc. our customer-oriented used cooking oil collection services are very simple. We provide specially designed, spill proof containers for your waste vegetable oil collection, arrange for scheduled or emergency pick-ups with our expanding fleet of trucks, and convert your used cooking oil to biodiesel production and other green products that we have custom designed for environmental sustainability.

At EnviroTek USA, Inc. we believe in being Green. With every gallon of used cooking oil we collect, purify and re-purpose, we are exercising our mission of “Protecting the World, One Gallon at a Time.” 

Arranging for your used cooking oil collection with Envirotek, USA, Inc. makes all the sense in the world. You will receive competitive rates for your waste vegetable oil, ensure that your collection site remains clean at all times, arrange for grease trap cleaning, ensure that your hood exhaust remains unclogged, and know that you are making a positive contribution to the long term health of our planet.

Call EnviroTek USA, Inc. today at 800-405-9983, and earn money while you make a real difference in environmental sustainability. 


Envirotek is now ISCC certified!


The ISCC certification system guarantees conformity to the sustainability criteria of the European Directive on renewable energy (2009/28/CE) : reduction of greenhouse gasses, protection of water and forests, soil and biodiversity, and adherence to social legislation. 
This certification illustrates the environmental endeavors of Envirotek USA.

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Posted on Nov 7, 2013

EnviroTek Summer 2013 Sponsorships

Congratulations to John Salemi driver in the Envirotek number 63 car for a great weekend of driving in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series on Sept 21 in Loudon, N.H.


Oct 7, 2013 - Great day of golfing with friends. Envirotek was one of the sponsors at the Rhode Island Hospitality Association annual golf tournament.

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