EnviroTek USA’s Principles are Straightforward and Honest

Our strict guiding principles are what set us apart at EnviroTek USA, Inc.. With everything we do, we are fair, honest and caring. We offer top dollar for you used oil, giving you the best possible monetary incentive to become a greener company and, in turn, give your customers and clients that same satisfaction.

EnviroTek USA, Inc.’s principles are straightforward and honest, much like our mission.

  • We will always be a cleaner, greener alternative for your waste oil. EnviroTek USA, Inc. will take your used oil and turn it into something new for a whole new purpose.
  • We will diminish waste by using the highest degree of the oil possible with any products we make through the purification process.
  • We always provide fast, prompt and effective service, making certain that any foreseeable problems are addressed and solutions are put in place to minimize risk both for our clients and the environment.
  • We are committed to upholding a safe workplace for all our employees, as well as all customers and clients we service.
  • Our belief in our ability to impact the environment and the future of our planet will guide everything we do – from customer service, to purification, to the redistribution of our products.

Case Studies

Every job EnviroTek USA, Inc. takes is unique, and we take pride in our ability to adapt for our clients’ needs. Find out more about some of our specific clients and projects.

Our Green Products

EnviroTek, USA, Inc. is a firm believer in always recycling, and we always practice what we preach. Learn more about our high-powered green products made from your used grease!

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