EnviroTek USA Case Study - Boston University

The Company

Boston University is a renowned private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. This prestigious institution is home to over 4,000 faculty members and 31,000 students annually, making it one of the largest private universities in the United States. Due to the size of the campus and student body, the dining halls and cafeterias have to accommodate for a vast number of people, thus producing excessive amounts of food on a daily basis and collecting an extremely large quantity of waste oil. Boston University follows strict sustainability protocols to reduce waste and energy consumption but was struggling to meet the demand and accommodate the waste.

The Challenge

Boston University serves up an enormous amount of food to meet the needs of its student body and faculty on a daily basis. However, the containers the university was using to collect its waste oil were not only too small, but they were also clunky and in the way. This created a hazard in and of itself for spills because the containers did not fit in the spaces they needed to and actually became obstacles, rather than solutions.

The Solution

EnviroTek USA, Inc. recognizes the importance for Boston University to maintain the green status they continue to strive for, and they knew they had to come up with a custom solution to fit the university’s needs. We designed a custom-tailored solution to handle not only the volume of waste oil produced, but also the space requirements that the university faced. This involved providing more compact containers that were larger, but more streamlined in terms of space. In addition, EnviroTek USA, Inc. designed a grease chute for the university that allowed for a cleaner alternative to dumping waste because it eliminated spills.

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