Biodiesel Production and Biodiesel Benefits 

EnviroTek USA, Inc. collects waste vegetable oil and used cooking oil from individual restaurants, restaurant chains, large corporations, arenas and stadiums. We then re-purpose this product in our state-of-the-art biodiesel production facilities.

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel source that is much better for the environment than conventional fuels. Biodiesel is healthier for people as well. Studies have shown that biodiesel out-performs and out-functions traditional gasoline, ethanol and conventional diesel fuels because it reduces climate altering carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80%! Biodiesel is also much more fuel efficient.

Biodiesel production benefits all of us in many different ways, both from an environmental and monetary standpoint. It burns far cleaner than conventional fuels (including diesel fuel), diminishing the smelly black smoke that always seems to pour from the back end of the truck directly in front of you. And one of the greatest of the biodiesel benefits is that it helps reduce the formation of acid rain because it does not produce sulfur dioxide, which is a key element in acid rain.

We would love an opportunity to talk to you about our biodiesel production, as well as the financial and environmental benefits you will enjoy by using our biodiesel product. Please call EnviroTek USA, Inc. today at 800-405-9983. 

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