Boost Your Restaurant’s Earnings with Waste Vegetable Oil

If you’ve never considered selling your restaurant’s waste cooking oil to earn some extra cash, now’s the time to start. Companies like Envirotek can help your restaurant become more environmentally conscious by recycling your waste vegetable oil and using it to make green products biodiesel fuel and hydraulic oil—and we pay you to do it!

Sounds crazy, right? We promise that it’s a reality. Here’s how it works.

Our Green Partnership Program allows us to provide top-dollar prices for your restaurant’s waste oil. Even if you’re a bigger restaurant that produces large quantities of grease, we have the capacity to handle your waste cooking oils.

Think going green is just a trend? According to Earth911, restaurants like Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Longhorn Steakhouse receive an annual rebate for selling their used fryer oils. According to the article, a lot of their recycled cooking oil is used in biodiesel fuel, but some of it is also used for soaps, cosmetics, and even animal feed.

If you’re searching ways to make your restaurant greener that won’t break your bank account, this is it! What better way to become more environmentally conscious than one that will put more money back in your wallet?

Call EnviroTek USA, Inc. today at 800-405-9983 to learn more about increasing your restaurant’s revenue by selling your restaurant’s waste vegetable oil.


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