Manufacturing Biodiesel from Waste Vegetable Oil

If you already utilize our waste vegetable oil collection services and you’re already getting paid for your restaurant’s used cooking grease, you may be wondering what we do with all that waste cooking oil.

Here at Envirotek, we collect waste vegetable oil and used cooking oil from individual restaurants, restaurant chains, large corporations, arenas and stadiums all throughout New England. Why? We bring these waste oils—otherwise waste materials that would be sent to a landfill—and have them repurposed into biodiesel fuel.


Biodiesel is an alternative form of diesel fuel that can be manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats, or the waste oils produced by restaurants. It is safe, biodegradable, and produces less air pollutants than conventional forms of fuel (like petroleum-based diesel).

You may be wondering if biodiesel is the same thing as straight vegetable oil. It’s not, so don’t go pouring your waste vegetable oil straight into your diesel engine without expecting disaster. Biodiesel is made through a process known as transesterification during which vegetable oil is combined with an alcohol and a catalyst to create biodiesel and glycerol. Our state-of-the-art facility filters out impurities in the cooking oils collected from kitchens in order to create the purest biodiesel products possible.

Biodiesel production benefits the world in many different ways—from the restaurant manager who needs a way to recycle his used cooking oil, to the owner of a diesel vehicle who wants their engine to burn a little greener, all the way to Mother Nature who’s just happy to see all the reduced impact. 

We would love an opportunity to talk to you about our biodiesel production practices, as well as the financial and environmental benefits you will enjoy by using our biodiesel product. Please call EnviroTek USA, Inc. today at 800-405-9983. 

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