Restaurants and Recycling Used Cooking Oil

In the restaurant business, you go through a lot of cooking oil. It makes a mess, and it can clog up your drains if you don’t dispose of it properly. Recycling your used cooking oil is a great alternative because it causes less strain on your plumbing systems, and the recycled materials can be reused. It’s all about going greener!

Why can’t I pour used cooking oil down the drain?

Used cooking oil cannot be poured down the drain because it can build up in the pipes, causing backups in your restaurant’s plumbing, into local streets, and local sewage systems. This can pose a significant health and safety hazard in a restaurant environment. Setting up a grease trap to help recycle your cooking grease will help prevent plumbing problems, reducing the risk of nasty accidents.

Can I use my garbage disposal or hot water to wash cooking oil away?

Unfortunately, using a garbage disposal or hot water to break up or melt grease and send it down the drain doesn’t prevent it from building up in the pipes. Hot water cools down in the pipes, and the grease will still coagulate.

Why can’t I throw used cooking oil in the garbage?

We don’t recommend throwing out large amounts of oil. Containers can leak, which can cause problems with garbage trucks or garbage facilities.

How do I recycle my cooking oil?

Call the professionals at Envirotek USA, Inc. You’ll get the right-sized container to collect your waste cooking and vegetable oils—and we’ll even pay you for the oil we collect!

What types of products are made from recycled cooking oil?

The used cooking oil collected is converted into products like biodiesel fuel and hydraulic oil. Without environmentally-conscious companies willing to recycle their used cooking oil, we wouldn’t be able to offer this service on such a large scale.

Call EnviroTek USA, Inc. today at 800-405-9983 to learn more about recycling your restaurant’s used cooking oils and grease.

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