At EnviroTek USA, We Practice What We Preach

EnviroTek USA, Inc. believes in “walking the talk.” We don’t simply tell others to think and be green. We always put our money where our mouth is, in a sense. In addition to working in a green, re-purposed building, we are proud to say we use our own products.

We use EnviroTek’s own Hydraulic Oil to power our machinery in-house. Furthermore, we use our own heating oil and dust suppression agents to keep our property clean, managed and under control. By using our own products, we are able to further control our carbon footprint and minimize the impact we have on the environment.

Case Studies

Every job EnviroTek USA, Inc. takes is unique, and we take pride in our ability to adapt for our clients’ needs. Find out more about some of our specific clients and projects.

Our Green Products

EnviroTek, USA, Inc. is a firm believer in always recycling, and we always practice what we preach. Learn more about our high-powered green products made from your used grease!

Get the best of both worlds

Learn what EnviroTek USA, Inc. does with your waste grease

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