Using Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Services

As a restaurant owner, your job is to prepare and serve delicious food, ensure that your restaurant is clean, and abide by health and safety codes. You’re not trained in the removal of industrial waste—and why would you want to be? Instead of struggling through the tedious work of cleaning your grease trap, it’s much easier to have the professionals at Envirotek USA, Inc. lend you a hand.

What is a grease trap?

Grease traps, also known as grease interceptors, are essential components of the sewer and drainage system of your restaurant. These plumbing devices intercept the majority of greases and solids before they enter the sewer system—in fact, they are actually required in many regions to keep the sewers functional. Because fats and oils can clog a sewer system, the use of a grease trap ensures that the sewers run smoothly. In addition to maintaining the functionality of the sewers, grease traps also treat all of the water coming out of commercial kitchens.

Why do I need to clean my grease trap?

However, your grease interceptor must be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its effectiveness. Otherwise, it may become just as clogged with excess oils and fats as a plumbing system without a grease trap. Some restaurant owners try to clean their grease traps themselves, but over time we have seen that most of our clients benefit from the use of professional grease trap cleaning services.

How often should I clean my grease trap?

The frequency of cleaning depends on the use of the grease trap and the amount of grease that builds up within the trap. For restaurants that have heavy, everyday usage of their grease trap, we recommend a minimum of bi-weekly grease trap cleanings to ensure that the trap remains fully functional at all times. For gentler use of your restaurant’s grease trap, we recommend at least a monthly cleaning, but you could also simply monitor your grease trap and have it cleaned when it is necessary.

How will I know when my grease trap needs cleaning?

If grease has built up on the grease trap to the point where the trap is no longer working efficiently, it’s time to get the grease trap cleaned. Proper grease disposal is an important part of your restaurant’s plumbing system, and if it’s not working properly, you can be in violation of many different health codes.

What happens to the waste grease?

Envirotek USA, Inc. uses recycle waste vegetable oils cleaned from your grease trap to be used to convert into green products including biodiesel fuel and hydraulic oil.

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